Insured Warranty

As a leading name in the industry, Equinox provides solutions for warranty & after-sales service requirements
  • Equinox can provide insurance-backed warranty services presented in a tailored support package which can then be offered to your end-users. In doing so we can ensure that the exact requirements t are provided at the same time as delivering fixed operating costs that can be budgeted against.
  • These insured solutions can form a total or partially-insured service, i.e. it may be that you wish to offer end-users a support option with Accidental Damage excluded within their warranty/support package. As such this element could be excluded to limit the exposure such a support policy would present.
  • Any insurance policies entered into would be taken up with our partner directly as required by our position as an FSA-approved IAR (Insurer Approved Representative). Equinox is not able to offer these insurances directly and would simply be an introducer to these insurance options. Our involvement at all times would be to operate as the service provider with the insurer paying Equinox to carry out any resulting services under the policies at pre-agreed rates.